ATC Board Makes Changes to Its Bylaws

March 6, 2023

The Appalachian Trail Conservancy (ATC) Board of Directors reviews its Bylaws periodically to insure they adequately outline its obligations and governance processes.  Over the last year, the Board conducted a detailed review and has made changes that broadly fall into three categories: governance, policy, and language clarification. 

For governance, the Board: 

  • Broadened the timeframe for notifying members of meetings of membership. 
  • Modified the requirements for individual nominations for election to the Board of Directors. 
  • Modified the number and composition of Executive Committee members that must be present to constitute a quorum. 
  • Added an Article delineating indemnification and insurance provisions for directors, officers, and certain other classes of individuals. 

For policy, the Board: 

  • Added a description of the Stewardship Council. 
  • Specified the role of the Board appointed representative to the Stewardship Council. 
  • Clarified the role of the Board with respect to deposits. 

For language clarification, the Board: 

  • Carefully read through the Bylaws and corrected nomenclature, tense and other small grammatical edits that did not materially affect the intent of the By-Laws.